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Festival of Lights!

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"We are many peoples of many colors and many nations. What unites us is sharing life on Earth and having been born with a spark of love in our hearts. When we open to this love we open to the beauty of the world, the beauty of the many colors, the many traditions. It is this love that seeks expression. The fear of difference and the greed and hatred that control our lives can be transformed. We can let the fire of love burn away this fear. The policies of our governments can be based on love and the celebration of difference. We can begin to honor all peoples and look to learning from different cultures rather than automatically assuming our way is best. We all have something to share and something to learn. We have in common our home, the planet Earth. We have in common our humanity. We have in common our desire to be happy and free from suffering. We cannot sustain our lives on this planet without this recognition and working together-to bring peace to the Earth and to protect her precious resources."


This website is designed for educators and those who wish to learn about three significant festivals, (Diwali (Hindusim) Hanukkah (Juadism) and Advent (Christianity)) that occur through November and December; the festival of lights. Although they are very significant celebrations they are not the only ones, and therefore; we have included the very festive celebration, Kwansaa. When browsing through each celebration, you will find relevant and useful links about the holidays' origin, symbolism, foods, songs etc.. These links will give you the background to enforce, encourage the cultivation and maintenance of distinctive cultural identities and develop a positive view of cultural diversity. Enjoy!